april 7, 2020—catch you later, John Prine…

Pink SuperUltraAngelFromMontgomery moonTook Rocco out tonight for our last walk of the evening, kept scanning the skies for the mythical pink moon. We walked for blocks, but it was nowhere to be seen. Strange… eventually, we turned the last corner toward home, when a glowing orb shimmering through night branches snagged my attention. “There it is!” I thought, and held up my phone to take a picture. At the same time, a text from Joe flashed on the screen.

“Aw shit…John Prine gone.”

I snapped a blurry pic as my eyes blurred with tears. Aw, shit, indeed… Even if you don’t believe in such things, you can’t help but think, “Whew…the largest and brightest moon of the year and a millions of pair of eyes resting on it, is one helluva celestial exit, Mr. Prine…” Rest in peace. xo

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