St. Paul, MN

Bio: I am a Pilates teacher at Emerge Pilates, my studio located in Minneapolis, MN. I am also a graduate of the MFA program in Creative Writing at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. I integrate these two aspects in my life as writer, movement teacher and life-long learner. My initial Pilates training was with Stott and Balanced Body; I now work exclusively with mentor-turned-friend, classically-trained Pilates teacher-trainer Rebecca Leone, who embraces and embodies the strength, genius and spirit of Joseph Pilates while carrying his vision forward with an overlay of modern science of anatomy, physiology and spine safety—I'm convinced it's the way Joe would have wanted his work to evolve. I overlay Pilates work with Katy Bowman's Nutritious Movement program, using Pilates and the wholistic scientific foundation of NM to help reconnect people (myself included) to the divine, multidimensional wonder that is our body. I first started blogging when my husband, Bob, was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, at http://www.bobisthesofaking.blogspot.com. After his death in 2011, I briefly continued blogging at http://www.widowwrites.blogspot.com, but the public forum was too much for me; I went "underground" with my grief and mourning for several years and recently re-emerged with this newest blog. "Realigning" refers to many things—rebuilding my life after the death of my husband; reconnecting with my body after the consequences of long-term caregiving, grief and mourning; that our movement and quality of life (strength, mobility, flexibility) absolutely depend on the alignment of our body parts; and to life in general—embracing and accepting (peppered here & there with a little kicking, screaming and foot-dragging along the way) the continual, beautiful, spiraling dance of holding on and letting go, from our very first breath to our last. "Red," because, y'know. The hair.

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