march 17, 2020—a parable for the times part 2

So on my illegal walk with Rocco at Minnehaha Falls Dog Park today (we didn’t have a permit! Cue Styx, Renegade), after we nearly died repelling down ice-caked hillsides, after we slopped along soggy trails, after we played follow the leader across fallen logs (yep, just me and my dog, socially distant creatures that we are), we wandered up a muddy embankment and found ourselves in Coldwater Springs National Park, which up until 30 seconds ago (because I just looked it up), I knew was a park but didn’t know was a national park. Adjacent to the dog park, this parcel of land has a long and fascinating history (that believe it or not, goes waaaaay back, even farther than Fort Snelling! WHO KNEW?), is in the process of being restored to its more natural state. Eventually, we wandered back into the dog park area (seriously, it’s huge and hard to tell at times, what’s dog park and what’s not), making our way back to the Jeep, when I heard voices off the beaten path. I looked to the right and saw a small, colorful herd of humans in their natural habitat, doing what their bodies were divinely designed to do. I waved, asked if I could snap a photo, their tree-climbing endeavors warmed my heart and sparked hope for humanity. More evidence that a pandemic is good for helping us returning us to our true selves…xo!

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