march 16, 2020—teaching announcement

Hi internet world! How’s it going in Self-Quarantinelandia? Hope you’re holding out okay, hope you haven’t already plowed through your Y2K-worthy stash of Pringles and pasta, hope you plan on sharing all that TP that’s piled up in your guest bedroom, hope you haven’t already stopped speaking to your housemates.

I made a really difficult decision last night to suspend teaching my private students in my home studio, as well as at the YWCA in St. Paul, until authorities who aren’t “the president” give us a better understanding and direction about what’s going on in our tentative “New World.” This kinda scares me, because I’m self-employed and don’t have PTO or any other kind of leave and don’t have a partner to help me out, but I also have “issues” with “authority,” which is why I’ve been self-employed for years and I understand, fully, that this comes with the territory. SO. I got that going for me…which is (fill in the blank).

Right now, it’s not just about me. It’s our imperative responsibility to minimize contact with each other during these tenuous times, to give our healthcare workers and others who are in the C-19 trenches a fighting chance, to give those with compromised immune systems peace of mind, and to care for ourselves, too…let’s face it—this is hard, hard, hard. No other word for it. Because of all that, and because I’m also mostly holed up at home, alone with my dog who’s totally adorable but not the best communicator and frankly a little self-centered, I’ve decided to start teaching free online movement classes, and I’d love for you to join me!

I don’t know exactly what this will look like, except perhaps a minor disaster at the start, because I have no idea what I’m doing (technology wise) and that alone would be reason to come to class. Regardless, movement is good for the soul, and being with each other is also good for the soul, and we’ll use technology for good, not evil! It’ll help destress you, hopefully make you laugh, and boost immunity and spirits alike. Facebook live seems the easiest and most obvious option, being the technology is right in front of me, and it gives instant access to the most people that I know in one setting. If so, I was going to shoot for noon today, CST, but I see that’s about 10 minutes from now, soooo, I’m going to shift it to 1 pm today Anyone around? If not, no worries, there will be more classes, so stay tuned.

SO, feel free to let me know if you’re interested in joining class here, and if you can’t, I think I have the option to save the videos so you can access them later, at your convenience. Below is a short video that gives you a list of props you can gather, to have on hand for class. Hope to see you at 1 pm!

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