march 12, 2020—learn from the experts

“My job is not to scare you out of your wits, but to scare you into your wits.” ~Joe Rogan talks with MN’s own infectious disease expert, Michael Osterholm, who I bet never in a million years thought his formerly unsexy career would suddenly make him 2020’s most desirable epidemiologist. Then again, hearing a smattering of what he knows via this interview, he probably knew it was a matter of time before the whole world would hungrily clamor for his genius … Knowledge is power. Learn from the experts like Osterholm who know their shit, not from stable geniuses who don’t know their shit from shinola, as my eloquent, armchair-philosopher-father would have said. Since we’re all likely gonna be home bound in the not-so-distant future, there’ll be plenty of time to listen to this whole interview! Totally worth the time—kinda scary, but kinda hopeful, too.

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