March 2—all grown up

Just returned from my annual exam today and guys, get this: I’ve been 5′ 1″ my whole life, literally like since I emerged from the womb, I’ve been 5′ 1″. But, today, I measured 5′ 2 1/2″! I couldn’t believe it and asked the nurse to remeasure me while I patted my big hair down, just to be sure. She was right the first time: I am five feet, two and a half inches tall! At 52 years old, when people start migrating/collapsing in the other direction, I’ve gained an inch and a half in height! Now, I could say this is because I’m a restorative exercise specialist and Pilates teacher, and I practice what I preach, but today, I’m going to say that I’m carrying myself taller because I’m not burdened by the weight of drinking. 💜👊💜👊
I’m so elated I gained an inch and a half in height that I almost forgot to mention the most important part of my dr. visit! I told my doc that I quit drinking two months ago, and the way her face lit up was priceless…we talked at length about this monumental decision in my life, how it came to be, that I found Annie Grace and TAE, and how life-altering this has been for me on so many levels, medical and otherwise…she wrote the name of Annie’s program in her notes, as a reference for other patients who might be interested in alternatives to AA. Just being heard by a medical professional, without judgment, was another affirming step on this journey…xo!

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