february 6, 2020—introverts unite! (alone, in our homes!)

Attention all introverts (and ambiverts/extroverted introverts!)…I’ve read my share of “quit lit;” it’s entertaining (let’s be real: extremes grab our attention, sell all the books and movies), inspiring and eye-opening to read about someone else’s epic rock-bottom and their equally epic turnabout, but they’re not always helpful to me. They can be difficult for me to relate to, because I wasn’t “that bad” (to which I could probably add “yet”). The slow, undetectable burn of “not that bad” is a curious purgatory of its own; until I discovered The Naked Mind/TAE and several other very helpful AF sources, I thought I had to get “that bad” before I could get the help I was desperately seeking. I can’t remember where I saw the recommendation for this book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking,” but it’s bringing profound clarity to one of the reasons my drinking escalated—a coping strategy to fit into a culture that values, celebrates, encourages and rewards all the things that introverts aren’t. Cain’s take on Tony Robbins, spoiler alert, is definitely, decidedly anti-TAE/Naked Mind, but will likely resonate deeply with introverts who find that brand of “be your loudest, wildest best self!!!!!!!” repelling. Rock on (or sit quietly with this book or take that walk in the woods, blissfully alone, it’s all good) with your introspective, valuable, equally important baddass selves, fellow introverts of the world. 💜


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