january 17, 2020—literal reflection…

Day 17 AFAF, requisite bathroom selfie, sans makeup. Caught me off guard as I was washing my hands and looked up, catching my own eyes in the mirror…(and just “happened” to have the phone in the can with me to capture the moment, how convenient! How does it feel, knowing I take y’all with me everywhere I go?! Thanks for sharing EVERY STEP of the journey with me! 🚽🧻😅). I never appear in public without makeup (part of that control-freak in me)—WHAT HAVE YOU PEOPLE DONE TO ME??!! Funny, not funny, how absolutely heartbreaking, how insidious the self-loathing became, the more/longer I drank…didn’t even bother looking in the mirror most of the time, I didn’t want to meet eyes with the tired, desperate face looking back, quietly trying to show me evidence of what I was working so fucking hard to hide. Every minute moment of this experiment is a gift. #igottheshining

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, phone, selfie, closeup and indoor

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